Safeguarding the customer and his/her data are priority values for Snaitech

Guaranteeing services of quality is the key factor for Snaitech in attaining excellent results

Thirteen years of certification represent the guarantee of this constant commitment

Following the first ISO 9001 certification obtained in 1999, Snaitech initiated a project which led the Group to implementing and maintaining two Company Management Systems that are constantly being developed and expanded, in addition to certifying the Company according to the principles of norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 and OHSAS 2007.

Snaitech is certified in the following activities:

  • Collection of horse racing and sports events bets
  • Sale of sports pools
  • Supply of online services for the collection of horse racing and sports events bets
  • Operation of networks for the electronic management of lawful gambling
  • Management, development and sale of remote skill games with cash prizes
  • Design and development of SW systems for collecting gambling revenues and accepting bets