The APP that awards and promotes the culture of sport and responsible gaming

At Snaitech, we believe that promoting a culture of responsible entertainment goes beyond setting time or spending limits; rather, it is necessary to promote the idea of gaming as a pastime: an entertainment that requires skill and knowledge, of course, but whose ultimate goal is fun, not winning. With this goal in mind, Snaitech has launched the SN4IFUN APP, a balanced mix of news and trivia, statistics and results in real time, with quizzes and prediction games to be played individually or with friends, to challenge players’ knowledge and skills in all sports.

SN4IFUN was born from the idea that sports enthusiasts share a common idiom of rules and technical jargon, a culture of stories and great deeds. SN4IFUN quizzes test this knowledge in a fun way, but most importantly, they allow you to discover something new every day. Because the fundamental element of the game, any game, is learning: you learn rules and notions, you become more skilled with practise, but you also come to terms with the case, the chance, and you discover that you cannot always win and that is also why it is fun to play: this means playing in a conscientious manner. This is the basis for doing it peacefully and without excess. SN4IFUN is faithful to this philosophy to the extent that it “self-limits”.
On the occasion of 2022 World Cup, SN4IFUN launched MET4GO4TS: an innovative game based on the performance of real players in real matches, through the customization of a 'meta-athlete', unique in all its details, from the skin to clothing and accessories.

In a gaming market where video games are designed to keep players glued to the screen for as long as possible, SN4IFUN goes against the trend: each user can answer a maximum of 10 quizzes per day, no more. For each correct answer and for each correct prediction, points are assigned with which to participate in Instant Win games, but since the social dimension is the basis of any sport, sharing stories and trivia, inviting and challenging friends are also actions rewarded by the APP’s gamification mechanisms. Also dedicated to fair play values, the “ZeroXS” section is a platform of content and initiatives designed to spread healthy cheering and responsible entertainment. Launched in October 2020 with an online campaign, SN4IFUN is now used by over 20,000 patrons, many of whom also share their passion for sport on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Among the most recent sports events sponsored by SN4IFUN are: the Giro-E Enel X Way, the world's only stage event dedicated to e-bikes, which took place on the days and stages of the Giro d'Italia (May 6-28th, 2023); Milano Marathon 2023, one of the most important sporting events for the city of Milan and a major attraction for all international runners (April 2nd, 2023); and Run Rome The Marathon (March 19th, 2023), the biggest running event in Italy, for which SN4IFUN was title sponsor of the Fun Run, the 5-kilometre non-competitive run.