Careers: opportunities at Snaitech

Our work culture focuses on meritocracy, equity, the opportunity for professional growth, commitment to projects of support and social responsibility. We are guided by ethical principles of inclusion and solidarity. Are you looking for a strong team that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate and put your skills to the test, at the same time as acquiring new skills? Then don't hesitate, we are looking for you!

Trader - Milano

The profile being sought is responsible for collecting and analysing the information that feeds the quota creation process. Through the study and analysis of sporting events, reference statistics and market trends, this person processes the odds, monitoring the events under their responsibility and comparing the Snaitech odds with those developed by the competitors in order to control any nominal deviations. We are looking for people with knowledge of the sports betting sector and its dynamics, combined with an excellent knowledge of the most popular sports. A strong orientation towards teamwork completes the profile, and knowledge of the equestrian sector is a preferential requirement. APPLY

Points of Sale Attendant

This role is responsible for issuing betting tickets through the use of video terminals, as well as requesting the necessary documents in accordance with corporate and legal procedures. They manage the cash in terms of payments and receipts in relation to the various services/products offered. They must ensure the promotion of responsible and informed betting. A passion for sport, strong customer orientation, reliability, precision and willingness to work on public holidays complete the profile. APPLY

Area Manager - areas: Lombardia, Piemonte e Salerno/Calabria

The profile sought is responsible for the business results of the geographical area entrusted to them through the development and support of the customer portfolio of the area of competence; they also deal – following the instructions of the Sales Department – with the scouting and opening of new Points of Sale, and the management of all products within the same, implementing company strategies with the aim of maximising performance. They will implement the retail marketing policies by supporting the Point of Sale in their complete management, including the layout of the same. They will monitor the performance of their geographical area by analysing the business KPIs of the relevant customer portfolio, as well as analysing competition through market data or through evidence in the region. They support the Points of Sale and the various company departments in the management of regulatory obligations in the event of transfers/replacements in the geographical area entrusted to them. Previous experience in a similar role is essential. A degree in socio-economic disciplines, effective communication and a customer-orientated approach complete the profile. APPLY

Budget, Control and Reporting Specialist - Porcari

The profile sought will deal with all the management activities of analytical accounting, the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports and any other management report, also through maintenance and development of the same. They will carry out analyses on costs, revenues, investments, balance sheets and cash flow. They will actively participate in the preparation of the Budget, Multiannual Plan and Forecast and will analyse the variances with the final data. They will ensure maintenance and development of operational control software. They will support the heads of the Business Units and the Departments concerned, also with the production of reports and ad hoc analysis. They will also be involved in the preparation of annual and infra-annual budgets. The role requires a degree in economic disciplines, good knowledge of SAP and the MS Office suite, and good knowledge of the principles of general accounting, analysis techniques and accounting controls. Excellent knowledge of English. Strong interpersonal and communicative skills complete the profile. APPLY

Social Media Manager - Milano

The profile sought will be responsible for supporting the Communications Manager in the process of content production and management of the Group's social media profiles, from the drafting of the editorial plan to the publication of posts; from the management of campaigns to the planning of editorial calendars. We are looking for a person who is passionate about social media, and who knows how to convey corporate identity and values through a corporate communication tool. The role requires a degree in Communication, Marketing or similar, excellent knowledge of the English language and the MS Office suite, as well as Photoshop skills and familiarity with social media tools. The role requires strong skills in the use of ads. The ideal candidate is enthusiastic, proactive, and results-oriented, and has the ability to work as part of a team. Milan Office. APPLY

Event, Rental & Development Entertainment Attendant - Montecatini

The profile sought will be responsible for managing new initiatives to promote the spaces of the Montecatini Racetrack, through events and rental. They will manage and promote new agreements with local businesses, in line with Snaitech's strategic vision and with what the region offers. They will also manage contacts with suppliers and promote new partnerships that can enhance horse racing in order to attract a wider audience. Finally, the successful candidate will collaborate with the person responsible for managing agreements with the different bodies that provide catering services and bars present at the Montecatini Racecourse. An excellent knowledge of Project Management, the MS Office suite and the Montecatini area is required. Effective communication and listening skills, commitment to achieving results, and proactivity complete the profile. Montecatini Office. APPLY

Race Secretary - Milano

The profile sought will work in the wonderful setting of the Milan Racecourse and will deal with the checking of official reports relating to racecourse races, the subsequent data validation, and the activity of entering data into IT systems. The successful candidate will manage ownership transfers, licence renewals and verification of race procedures and the records. Previous experience in this role, as well as knowledge of horse racing regulations and training centres, is essential, as well as having already taken care of organising the routes and in/out track flows of horses and operators. Precision, communication and willingness to undertake shift work complete the profile. APPLY

Assistant Director - Roma

The profile sought will take care of the implementation of the processes related to the Mipaaf TV Direction. They will take care of the broadcasting, control and backup of television channels. They will acquire the contributions (interviews, performances, productions, commercials, etc.) on the appropriate equipment for the various live broadcasts and recordings of the day; they will carry out the monitoring and dissemination of the Video and VOD streaming service for Mipaaf TV. They will set up the studio for the creation of simple sets. They will prepare the equipment for daily broadcasting (video mixer, audio and simple computer systems interfaced with video systems). The role requires a good knowledge of the MS Office suite and a basic knowledge of the world of horse racing. The ideal candidate is strongly results-orientated, concerned with accuracy, responsible and has an aptitude for working as part of a team. APPLY

Why choose Snaitech?

The selection process

Becoming part of our team means having the opportunity to work alongside people who, with their diversity, contribute to the performance of the activities we carry out and the objectives for which we aim. For this reason, we are looking for dynamic, curious people who are passionate about sport and innovation-orientated.

Our selection process is divided into several phases, each aimed at understanding aspects of both the person and the professional who will become part of our team. Once the application has been received through our corporate website, through LinkedIn, or through one of the recruitment companies with which we collaborate and/or direct contacts with the University, the skills and experiences described in the candidate's CV are compared with our vacancies. After the first screening phase, an individual interview with HR is scheduled, in which skills, experiences and motivations are further discussed. The selection process continues, for the profiles most in line with the role in question, with a technical interview to verify the level of specialised skills. Finally, a final interview is scheduled with the manager of the department concerned and with HR, in person at the future workplace.

The profiles that have passed the selection process will receive a job offer and once they join the team they will begin an induction process to familiarise themselves with our people, share more information about the Group and internal processes, and get to know and better understand the identity, values, mission and corporate culture.

We are waiting for you!