Snaitech Racetracks

Corse and multifunctional spaces for leisure

Horse racing facilities as social areas

Snaitech's growth strategy aims to transform horse racing facilities into socializing areas that are capable of offering a vast range of services, even related to entertainment, and which allow these facilities to be used even on non-racing days.

Horse racing properties

The Group owns the horse racing tracks of Milan and Montecatini Terme.

The Group also retains significant shareholdings in the gallop horse racing tracks of Pisa San Rossore and Roma Capannelle.

The horse racing track of Milan

Equipped with one of the best horse racing tracks in Europe, and capable of also hosting night events, it offers all services which could be required for organizing events and shows, even ones that are not linked to the world of horse racing.

Each year it hosts two of the most important Italian Group 1 races: the “Gran Premio di Milano”, in June, and the “Gran Premio del Jockey Club”, in September.

The horse racing track is an immense green area within the heart of the city: it includes, within it, an important botanical park which is rich in centuries-old trees and certain authentic rarities.

The facility is unique throughout the world in having obtained recognition as a “monument of national interest” given that it is an example of Liberty architecture in Italy.

The horse racing track of Montecatini Terme

This facility - subject to restructuring and upgrading operations pertaining to its hosting and functional capacities, including improvements of the tracks – guarantees maximum technical and qualitative standards for both horses, drivers, trainers, owners and the public.

Due to significant synergies that were implemented with the Municipality of Montecatini, the 2013 season was particularly rich in events, both with regard to gallop races as well as for events hosted within the horse racing track; these initiatives were rewarded with significant levels of spectators.

La Maura Racetrack 

On 9 May 2015, the new racetrack of Milan for harness/trot racing was inaugurated: it is called La Maura, taking its name from an ancient Lombard farmstead that stood on a large portion of the land originally dedicated to the training tracks used by thoroughbred horses.

The new facility is “minimum environmental impact”: it was constructed using existing construction volumes and with materials that were recovered on a “zero kilometer” basis, such as, for example, the foundation, the grounds of the track and the original fence of the San Siro trot/harness race track. The track is 1,050 meters long, with the possibility of realizing an extension up to one mile (1,609.344 meters), 32 meters wide, including an external escape route and an internal open stretch of three meters each: the track distinguished itself right away for the high speeds reached by trotters, and has even been called a “record-breaking track”.

Spectators enjoy a comfortable covered grandstand featuring approximately 400 seats, hospitality and restaurant services, a betting area and an interior parking area: the racetrack has overall capacity totaling approximately 2,400 persons. The horseboxes offer capacity for up to 160 horses.

The La Maura Racetrack was constructed by Snaitech S.p.A, the owner of the underlying land, and the sports management of the same is entrusted to the subsidiary Società Trenno, MIPAAF delegate and manager of the Milan racetrack complex. The agreement reached on the project with the relevant associations, trade unions and institutions has allowed for trot/harness racing to be brought back to Milan.