Shareholders’ Meeting

6/7 november 2018 – Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

The Extraordinary Meeting is convened on Tuesday 6 and Wedsneday 7 november 2018

Notices and form

Notice of call


Convocation of the Shareholders’ Meeting

The Shareholders' Meeting may be also convened, after communication to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, by the Supervisory Board, in its entirety or by at least two members of it.

The Board of Directors shall convene the Meeting in regular session within one hundred twenty days after the close of the financial year, or within one hundred eighty days, if the Company is required to prepare consolidated financial statements or if it needs to do so because of particular requirements regarding the structure and purpose of the Company.

The convening notice must be posted on the Company's website as well as in compliance with any other terms and procedures provided for by the laws and regulations from time to time and must contain the information required by the law in force.

Attendance at the Shareholders’ Meeting

Each share is entitled to one vote, subject to the creation of shares without voting rights or with restricted or subordinate voting rights. 

The Meeting may be attended by shareholders whose right to attend the Meeting and to exercise voting rights is attested by a communication made to the issuer by the authorised intermediately pursuant to the law, in the forms and in the manner provided by the statutory provisions and regulatory framework in force. Shareholders who, individually or jointly, represent at least one fortieth of the share capital may, in the cases stipulated by law, within ten days of publication of the notice of the shareholders’ Meeting, or within any shorter deadline prescribed by the applicable laws and regulations in force, request additions to the agenda, specifying in the request the additional items to be discussed. The request must be submitted in the form and manner prescribed by the applicable laws and regulations in force.

Representation by proxy

Representation of Shareholders at the General Meeting is allowed pursuant to the laws in force. The proxy may be notified electronically, by certified e-mail or using the appropriate section of the Company’s website and such other means of notification as may be provided in the notice of convening in accordance with the statutory provisions and regulations in force.